Friday, 30 October 2009

Its Been a Long Time

It really has been a long time and i sincerely apologise but we're back and there is a lot to tell! i'll try and keep it nice and short! actually i'll bullet point it!
- Shot and edited the arrival of michael jacksons 'this is it' into Sony Headquarters for RCA records
-Shot and edited Paloma Faith performing 'New York" live for Epic to go on to the Asos website.
- Shot and edited two 'Three P's' events (a pint, a play, then pootle off!)
- Shot and edited 'eye/balls' at the Soho Theatre
-Shot and Edited the International Dance Connection

I'm currently shooting a fifth anniversary documentary for Peckham Shed Theatre.

okay work cals but i'll be back for more updating and funny anecdotes!

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