Sunday, 19 April 2009

Shades Of The City

So i'm a little impatient and I couldn't wait until tomorrow to put my second post up and tell you about one of my projects called Shades of the City! Its a short film about a young girl who, after an argument with her parents, runs away from home. On her journey she encounters strange and wonderful people who communicate through dance.
The best thing about this project is I get to collaborate with one of the best up and coming choreographers in the business Leila McMillan.
Over the next couple of weeks I'll be cutting together a excerpt of Shades of the City for the Cloud Dance Festival! It's definitely worth checking out if you like dancing and watching films at the same time!
The full film should be finished at the end of the summer (roughly August time I reckon).
I'll give you another little gem tomorrow I promise, but for now its time to travel to the land of dreams.

Black Jay

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